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Sponsorship is invaluable exposure

Why Sponsor Us?

B2U Sports Management is dedicated to fostering a passion for basketball and sportsmanship within the Abbotsford community. B2U is led by two dedicated individuals named UmBori Watson & Brandon Fields. ​ We lease a new facility, located at 31453 King Rd Unit 120, that boasts over 12,000 square feet of space, making it the first of its kind in Abbotsford. It will serve as a hub for various sports activities, including basketball training, games, leagues, weightlifting, and community events. With a commitment to year-round accessibility and flexible scheduling, our facility aims to enrich the lives of individuals within the community. ​ This endeavor presents a unique marketing opportunity for businesses. We plan to prominently feature sponsors on the floor of our basketball court, akin to the branding strategy employed by the NBA. This high visibility ensures that your company's logo will be showcased during numerous events and activities, providing extensive exposure and aligning your brand with our commitment to sports, health, and community engagement. ​ We believe that partnerships with different businesses in the community will contribute to the success of our sports program and enhance their brand's visibility within the Abbotsford community. We look forward to the possibility of establishing a lasting and mutually beneficial partnership.

Rate Card

Thank you for your interest in advertising opportunities at our facility. We are pleased to provide you with our comprehensive advertisement rate card, which outlines the various options available to promote your brand within our venue. We hope this rate card provides a clear understanding of the advertising options and pricing. Should you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the possibility of partnering with you to enhance your brand visibility.

Floor Plan

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with you and showcase your brand at our facility. To help you better understand the various advertising spaces available, we invite you to explore our facility's floor plan

Preach , Practice, perfect

Sponsorship List

Below is a list of items and opportunities that can be offered in exchange for marketing and brand placement:


Financial Sponsorship:

Sponsorship Tiers:

Basketball Gym:

Weight Room:

Lounge Area:

General Branding:




Exclusive Events:


Platinum Sponsorship 
  • A banner 

  • Logo placement on league jerseys.

  • Exclusive recognition in all promotional materials.

  • Social media mentions and regular shoutouts.

Donation: $5,000

  • Basketball hoops.

  • Basketballs used during practices and games.

  • Shooting machine (Dr. Dish Machine) used to assist with skill development. 

Equipment Sponsorship
  • Supply weightlifting machines and racks.

  • Weights and barbells.

Entertainment System
  • Sponsorship of TVs, gaming consoles, or audio systems in the lounge.

Social Media Exposure
  • Regular shout-outs, tags, and mentions on B2U's social media platforms.

  • Sponsored posts featuring your brand.

Exclusive Content
  • Exclusive interviews or articles featuring your company in B2U publications.

VIP Access
  • VIP access to events for your company representatives.

Discount & Coupons
  • Discounts and Coupons:

  • Exclusive discounts or coupons for your products/services for B2U members.

Preach , Practice, perfect

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